Alexandra Brianne. 21. Comics. Cars. I have zombie arms and a smiley piercing.
03 Mini Cooper S
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Devin Andrew Sheets 4ever<3

Perfection is boring; easy. Flaws show character and passion, they ignite your art. Sense of humor is everything. You will never know if I am being sincere or sarcastic. I am happy with the person that i am, i work hard to achieve my dreams, i am loyal to those that i love, and i am confident in my own skin. I find beauty, in all forms, intoxicating. I am hedonistic. Sometimes i long to be swept away with the wind, pursuing only the sky and the heat. My life is always up, never down, because even at my worst i am still brilliantly me. I divulge myself in the written word, it is the most felicitous approach i have found to lay open my soul and leave a scar on this world.
Forever Love = Blankets, Poetry, Giraffes, Mini Cooper, Boats, Crystal Castles, Egyptology, Juicy Couture, Wanderlust, Piercings, Dr Pepper, Winx Club, Sunshine, Modeling, Audrey Hepburn, Shoes, Sparkles, Isle of Skye in Scotland, Tattoos, CREED, Pushup Bras, Road Trips, Makeup, Vampire Diaries, Stuffed Animals.
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Most likely to become a professor. Def Hermione @hottopic #iwishiwasathogwartssweeps #wishiwasathogwartssweeps
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Bravest student. Draco Malfoy. I mean&#8230;. He works for you know who. @hottopic #iwishiwasathogwartssweeps #wishiwasathogwartssweeps
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Kevin just stopped in the middle of his sentence and said “holy shit……………. You are beautiful”
I fucking love this man.

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Best dueler. Mama Weasley!! @hottopic #iwishiwasathogwartssweeps #wishiwasathogwartssweeps
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Mazda FD3S RX-7
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The kid in the back feelin it
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ayy lmao

Super practical

What if ESPN starts to cover stance meets now




Can you imagine the play by plays though?*In golf announcer voices*"Stepping up to the curb we have Tandem of Die member, josephayala, and his lowered s13 nissan 240sx. Now I’ve seen the spec sheet on this thing and I can tell you it is extremely low. Judging from my experience, this may be a difficult run for Joe.”"That’s right, Bob… but you’re also forgetting that Joe Ayala has an extensive career in driving lowered vehicles. He may have a few tricks up his sleeve to sho- oh! He’s starting his approach!""Look at the angle he is taking toward the curb!""See what I was saying, Bob? Experience plays a vital role in this event, too often we see these new comers, claiming they’re going to destroy the game, only to have their bumper ripped off in the first moments.""So true, Trevor. Now you can see Joe is using full extent of his angle mods to crank the wheel over and get the front end raised as high as it will go… but I’m not sure if it’s going to be enou…"*front bumper scrapes lightly before passing over curb*"Ooooohhh!""Damn, that will deduct points from the judges end score.""But the bumper is still attached and over the initial hump, which is not bad for this course.""Still, the curb is far from over, Bob. Let’s keep watching.""Now you can see Joe has cranked the wheel fully to the other side, using both the height aid, as well as the angle to his advantage.""This is where it becomes a patience game though. Already likely frustrated by scraping the front bumper… now he has a crowd forming, attrated by the noise. The pressure is on and unless Joe can keep his cool we may  see a full on burnout over the curb.""And that, Trevor, is NOT what the judges want to see!""That’s righ, Bob and- OH WE HAVE LIFTOFF!""He is on three wheels! This just got interesting!""no doubt, Joe has got to be sweating now!"*sideskirt lightly scuffs, wheel drops back down, last corner of the car drops over, exhaust taps the ground sounding a resonating “TING”*"Wow.""I have not seen a run like that all day.""Truely hair-raising, Trevor. Truely""Even with that first bumper scrape, you know the judges are going to love that one."I’d start watching ESPN I think

Reblogged because Cole’s commentary

A+ commentary skills
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