Alexandra Brianne. 21. Comics. Cars. I have zombie arms and a smiley piercing.
03 Mini Cooper S
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Devin Andrew Sheets 4ever<3

Perfection is boring; easy. Flaws show character and passion, they ignite your art. Sense of humor is everything. You will never know if I am being sincere or sarcastic. I am happy with the person that i am, i work hard to achieve my dreams, i am loyal to those that i love, and i am confident in my own skin. I find beauty, in all forms, intoxicating. I am hedonistic. Sometimes i long to be swept away with the wind, pursuing only the sky and the heat. My life is always up, never down, because even at my worst i am still brilliantly me. I divulge myself in the written word, it is the most felicitous approach i have found to lay open my soul and leave a scar on this world.
Forever Love = Blankets, Poetry, Giraffes, Mini Cooper, Boats, Crystal Castles, Egyptology, Juicy Couture, Wanderlust, Piercings, Dr Pepper, Winx Club, Sunshine, Modeling, Audrey Hepburn, Shoes, Sparkles, Isle of Skye in Scotland, Tattoos, CREED, Pushup Bras, Road Trips, Makeup, Vampire Diaries, Stuffed Animals.
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